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Motivator XP Release 2.3.0


Resource One, Incorporated is pleased to announce release 2.3 of the Motivator software. The major components of this release are Motivator Advance Reporting Tool (ART), auditing reports and Discretionary Awards.

Motivator ART

Motivator ART allows the business owner to add charts to their online web reports. Thru a combination of ACS configuration and Web configuration, charts can be rendered on the online web reports.

Several different types of charts can be configured:

  • Bar – horizontal column chart
  • Column
  • Pie
  • Inverted graph - great for ranking
  • Line
  • Stacked bar
  • Combination chart - line, column, area
  • Scrollable combination chart

Auditing Reports

Auditing was added to release 2.2 of Motivator software. Audit reporting via the web has been added to the latest release. This feature gives the business owner the ability to review audit information from a web browser. Information can be filtered by an identifier (what was changed), updated by (who made the change) and when the change was made. The audit reports can be exported into several different formats: CSV, Word, PDF, Excel.

Discretionary Awards

The Discretionary Awards feature gives managers the ability to access (rate) and award team mates based on their individual performance. Authorized personnel use the online web interface to enter employee ratings and to give awards/bonuses to qualified individuals from allocated pools. Discretionary awards utilizes The Motivator Inquiry, Sales Entry and Web Adjustments Work flow modules.


Motivator XP Release 2.2.0


Audit Enhancements

The Motivator System has been enhanced to support phase one of auditing.

Auditing has been added to several areas:

  • Organization
  • Center
  • Employee
  • Referral
  • Session
  • Performance Calculation
  • Plan
  • Role
  • Goal
The audit includes who changed the information, what was changed and when it was changed.

Web Enhancements

The Web application is now delivered with Apache Tomcat 7.0.34 (No longer delivered with JBoss)

Supported Application Servers/Web Containers:

  • Apache Tomcat 7.0.26+
  • JBoss AS 7.1.0 Final and 7.1.1 Final
  • JBoss EAP 6.1.0 Final
  • WebSphere 7.0 and 8.0


ACS - Clone Session Product Wizard


The ACS (Administrative Control System) now provides a wizard to add a new product based on an existing product. The wizard uses the existing values and allows the user to change those values as it progresses thru the different tabs of information. This feature helps when new products are added to Motivator. A similar product can be used as the basis to create the new product.

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