Software for performance measurement,
goal setting, and incentive compensation


MOTIVATOR Incentive Design Consulting

Successful incentive programs are designed for maximum impact; programs tailored to fit the right incentive options with effective strategies.

Drawing on our client base, ROI has broad experience with incentive programs of all types and sizes, in all markets. We have been designing successful incentive plans for over eight years. ROI programs are practical. They are profitable. They produce results!

Resource One can tailor an incentive program for your bank to get maximum results in your market. We specifically design each program to meet the needs of the individual bank. Your strategies are paramount in our consulting process!

You can depend on certain characteristics in ROI designed programs:

  • They are fair. Your people will buy in to a program if they know that it is fair.
  • They are accurate. When you plan to pay incentives, you have to be confident that the measurement is correct.
  • They are comprehensive. We do a thorough analysis of the bank's needs and we make sure that the plan meets them.
  • They are profitable. Our programs work where it counts, on the bottom line.

Resource One, Incorporated consulting utilizes the flexibility of your Motivator system to get maximum results from your incentive budget. You can beat the competition through improved performance, and we can help you do it.

MOTIVATOR Client Support

ROI provides extensive User support. Our clients have found that superior success lies, not only in the software, but in how well they can apply it. Our higher level of support makes us unique.

ROI provides on-site Implementation and Training Assistance with each Motivator System. Complete training means you get the best results, in the shortest amount of time. We provide system training to help you install and run the software, and user training to help you apply it with success.

ROI support does not end after you install the system. Our excellent reputation for service comes from responding to our clients.

Your relationship with ROI includes, at no additional charge:

  • Full Maintenance and Support - if you need our help we are a phone call away, as often as you need.
  • Frequent Enhancements - We regularly enhance our systems to maintain their utility and value, to our clients and the industry.

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